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Cardell 9402

Cardell 9402

The Cardell 9402 is compact, lightweight and durable. It’s designed to fit anywhere you need it: on a narrow shelf, hanging on a cage or IV stand, or in a carry bag for ultimate mobility.

The 9402 features technology designed to provide superior accuracy and works in low perfusion and during patient motion. A reflectance SpO2 sensor is available for use on the base of the tail during dental procedures.

• Provides systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure and heart rate in seconds
• Pulse rate range from 20 to 300 beats/minute
• Screening mode automatically calculates average of last five readings
• Set auto measurement from 1-90 minutes
• Stores 99 minutes of readings or the last 5 hours
• Three Year Warranty; One Year on battery pack

Monitoring and Critical care brochure - pdf (1MB)

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